Interstate Cadet N37266 – Cornelia Fort

Interstate Cadet S1-A

  • Registration: N37266
  • Serial Number: 109
  • Owner: Underground Flying Club
  • Operator: Andrew Flying Service
  • Based at: John Rodgers Airfield
  • Instructor: Cornelia Fort
  • Student: Soumalo
  • Takeoff from: John Rodgers Airfield
  • Land: John Rodgers Airfield
  • Fate on 7 Dec 41: Near miss with Japanese Torpedo Bomber, Strafed by additional attacking aircraft, landed and strafed again, both occupants survived to warn those inside Andrew Flying Service Building
  • Disposition: Owned by multiple owners in Hawaii. Returned to US mainland, lost to scrap through passing of owner, recovered and restored in 2012, currently flying and owned by Lost Aviators of Pearl Harbor LLC. Based at Skagit-Bayview Airport (KBVS)